Photographic reflections on all things bright and beautiful


My passion for photography comes from a powerful affection for the beauty of the natural world. I am continually amazed by nature’s unique trait of sudden transformation in a way that ordinary things can suddenly become extraordinary for a few moments with the infusion of a peculiar lighting, a passing storm, a droplet of water, a temperature extreme, a rising or setting sun, or a change of season. Even the most ordinary and mundane subjects in the natural world have a moment when there is some extraordinary beauty, and I love searching out and discovering those moments. Many of the subjects of my photos are not remarkable or majestic -- they are not the kind of thing for which you would "stop the car". They are often just simple isolations of some ordinary subject in a remarkable moment of beauty.

Experiencing the natural beauties of this world is both spiritually healing and mentally rejuvenating to me. I hope you find similar inspiration through my work.

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